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I Will Wait

When I said goodbye

I didn't know

It would be the last time letting go

Things are rarely what they seem

When we fear the unknown


People say when one door closes

There's another one that seems to open

I'm come to far now

I believe somehow I will wait, Author of faith


I will wait Lord

I will wait for

The time when all abiding meets the open door

I will wait Lord

Take no more time to waste

You will be my strength

As I wait


You satisfy my soul with goodness

You renew my youth

You turn back time

I will taste and see that You are good

I will wait

I will wait as I should


I will stay here in Your arms a little longer

In Your embrace I am sure to be a little stronger

Won’t You take away my dismay that things will never change

I will stay right here... and I will wait



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